If it were not for the crash landing, Megan would have thought she was still on her weekend date with Perry.  The land was beautiful, the grass was cut short, and Megan could not find one weed on the ground.  The trees have been well care for and even the weakest one had a bumper crop of apples.  

The Perry held out his hand, and Megan took hold of her husband and started to fall in love with him all over again.  They walked hand in hand for about a mile when Perry stopped all at once.  His eyes grew big and he even gasped.  Megan looked to where Perry was looking.  Down at the bottom of the small hill that Megan and Perry were standing on top of, was a pastel orange pony with a blond mane.  The pony also had on a Stetson hat on its head, and red ribbons in its tail.  The most stands out part of the pony were the eye’s, they were almost the same size as man’s head.

The pony was backing up to an apple tree and once it was sure it was standing in the right place, the pony kicked the apple tree.  The apples fell from the tree, from the force of the kick and landed into a group of baskets that had been set around the tree.  

Perry looked over to Megan and asked, “Do you see what I am seeing?”  Megan smile with glee as she turned to look at Perry.  “It is Applejack.”

Before Perry could ask who or what Applejack was, a pinkish  thing flew over their heads.  At once Megan started running down the embankment after the creature, shouting out as she ran.  “Applejack, look out!  Firefly is out of control again!”  

Applejack was enjoying a peaceful day of apple bucking at Sweet Apple Acres.  The sound of her hooves hitting soundly against the trunk of an apple tree, fill her ears with a  personal music that only others of her family could understand and enjoy.  

As she finished bucked another apple, and was making sure all the apples had fallen into her proper baskets,when Applejack heard alarming cry. Applejack looked up to see that it was Blueberry Muffin, one of Rainbow Dash’s weather team, and she was shouting about something.  “Applejack!  Look out! It’s Monsters!”  The dark pink Pegasi was flying full on at Applejack.  Applejack only had a second to react by ducking to the ground and having Blueberry Muffin miss her niches.

               Blueberry Muffin had to pull up out of her dive to avoid hitting the base of another apple tree, but crash into the canopy of smaller branches and leaves of the same apple tree.  Applejack went over to help Blueberry Muffin down from the tree.  Applejack asked Blueberry Muffin.  “Sugar cube, are you alright?’  But, Blueberry Muffin keep screaming.  “Applejack you got to run away, there is a monster coming!”  Before Applejack to get more information form Blueberry Muffin a strange bipedal animal with long blond hair, no fur coat but naked skin and blue eyes ran up next to Applejack and looked into the apple tree that held Blueberry Muffin.  The skin animal asked with concern in its voice.  “Firefly, are you alright?”

Applejack jump away from the skin animal and stood in a fighting stands.  “Okay! Who or what in tarnation are you, and why are you after Blueberry Muffin?”  Applejack demanded, ready to buck the stuffing out of the monster.

Another skin animal, a male, came running up next.  He stood back and said with alarm.  “Megan! Get back, she a kicker. Look at the red ribbon in her tail.”  Applejack snapped back at the male skin animal.  “That right, I am a bucking pony, and if you plan on hurt some pony, I going to buck the snot right out of the both of you, right here and right now!”

The skin animal named Megan stooped down to look Applejack in the eyes.  With a pleading look in her eyes, Megan said, almost crying.  “Applejack?  Oh, Applejack, it is me, Megan.  Please, Applejack, think back to when we were younger.  How we and all the other ponies would play together and enjoy all the wonders of Dream Valley.”

As Applejack was trying to take in all that Megan was telling her about same place called ‘Dream Valley’, that when  Blueberry Muffin fell out of the tree and landed on her face, just behind Megan.  Megan turned around but was now on her knees.  “Let me help you, Firefly.”  With a smile and almost a giggle in her voice Megan placed her hands up Blueberry Muffin’s flank.  All at once Megan felt the hooves of Applejack land hard on Megan’s lower backside.  That sent Megan flying over  Blueberry Muffin and somehow doing a midair flip, and landing flat on her back, knocking the air out of her lungs.  

Before Megan could react, Perry and gotten Megan by the underarms and was dragging her away from the two ponies.  As Perry checked Megan over for broken bone and other trauma, he shouted at Applejack.  “What you do that for?  She was trying to help your friend!”

Applejack looked on as she helped Blueberry Muffin up from the ground.  “I’m sorry, but I thought she was out to hurt Blueberry Muffin, not help her.”

Once Megan got her wind back inside of her and rolled over onto her stomach.  “My ass, you murder my ass.”   Blueberry Muffin looked around.  “I don’t see a donkey anyplace?  Is Cranky Doodle around?  And I thought Ass was not a nice thing to say.”  Perry face palmed.  “Oh my God, there is political correctness everywhere?”  Megan grumbled, “You are worried about political correctness when my ass is grass?”  

             A smile came over Perry’s face.  ”Fine looking bluegrass on those rolling hills.  I do like the lay of the land.”  Megan blushed as each new pun that was made about her buns.  Until at last Megan could not stand the torment of  being at the bottom of a lot of butt jokes and try to stand up.  Only to have both pain and Perry lay her back down on her gut again.  

             Applejack came over and took a closer look at Megan.  ”Are you real hurt?  I mean I only gave you a half buck, to keep you away from B.M.”   Megan look up at Applejack.  ”That was only a half buck?”

             Perry then said.  ”I don’t think she has any broken bone, and I don’t think you hit any vital organs, but she may have an  Sub-periosteal Hematoma.  What is sometimes called a bruised bone.  The only way to make sure is to have a doctor look her over and make sure Megan is okay.  What I am worried about is that she could have a blood clot, and that could be dangerous.”

Applejack eyes fill with regret.  “Honest, I was just worried you were out to hurt Blueberry Muffin.  I never plan on hurting you.”  Blueberry Muffin added.  “When I first was you.  You were both coming from the Everfreee Forest.  Monsters come out of their from time to time and we have to keep an eye out for them.”

Perry smile as he squatted between both Megan and the two ponies.  “Seems to me we got a lot of noble folk, but they were all working under little or no information.  Maybe we should start over, if that okay with everyone?”

Applejack cocked her head to one side.  “What are you talking about?”

Perry held out an open hand.  “How do you do?  My name is Perry Mason.”  Both Applejack and Blueberry Muffin looked at the open hand and then Blueberry Muffin asked.  “Do you think he want a brohoof?”

The two ponies show Perry and Megan how ponies greeted each other with brohoof, sometimes called hoof-tap.  Perry smiled, “Where we come from, people call that a fist bump.”  Perry then held out a close fist and Blueberry Muffin then tapped Perry’s knuckles very lightly.  Followed by Applejack who did the same thing, saying.  “Well, okay.  My name is Applejack and this is Blueberry Muffin.  Hope you all are not too upset with what just happened.”

Still looking up from the ground, and still in a butt load of pain, Megan smile.  “It’s alright Applejack.  You only did what you thought you needed to protect Fire —- I mean Blueberry Muffin.”

Applejack then asked, as she got very close to Megan’s face.  “Sweetpea?  Could you say that again?”  Megan smile and with sweet tone in her voice that almost sound like a song, Megan repeated what she had just said. “it is alright Applejack.  You only did what you thought you needed to do to protect Blueberry Muffin.”

Applejack lifted her head, she had a strange look in her eye and only said one word.  “Meat!”


Megan was not sure what to do with her hands.  The past weekend had been wonderful; it had started with Perry taking Megan up in his helicopter.  Then they flew from Midwest City to Oklahoma City.  There, Perry took Megan over to see an old friend of his, which happen to be the pilot for the Oklahoma governor’s personal jet.  

Before long Megan had found herself inside the governor’s jet flying to Kentucky.  Kentucky was Perry’s boyhood state, and he was going to show Megan the Kentucky Horse Park, in Lexington.  

After touring the horse park, Perry took Megan to a place called Desha’s for a fine meal.  Megan was never into fancy places, but the food was outstanding.  After the meal, they went to a line dance club called Bluegrass to work off the cheese cake from Desha’s.  Then about midnight the two of them walk arm in arm to into their hotel room.  

In the morning, Perry did as Danny had subjected, and Megan had to admit she like making love in the morning.  

After a little shopping in the downtown, Megan and Perry made their way back to the airport and headed home.  On the plain trip back they had a few drinks and a light meal.  Megan even let Perry kiss her a little bit, but was not going to join the mile high club.  Not in a ‘barrowed Jet plain’ that belonged to the taxpayers of Oklahoma.  In fact the only thing about the trip that worried Megan was the jet and how Perry was going to keep the ‘barrowing’ a secret.  But, somehow they pull it off, and before long, Megan and Perry were back at the Oklahoma City airport.  

Megan like that Perry was helping her into the helicopter like a gentleman.  And once Perry had gotten into his plot set and started his checklist, that when Megan started thinking about how sexy her husband was. That made Megan heated, and then she thought that now was not a good time to think about sex.  Now was not the time to join the Mile High Club ether.  Thou now Megan really wanted too.  

However, the more she tried to stop thinking about having sex, the more she seemed to want it.  She just had to find something to do with her hands, they keep going to parts of her body that she did not want them to go.  At last her hand brushed up against something, and she rubbed her neck. It was an old locket that she had picked out, from her jewelry box for the trip.  Megan was not sure why she chosen the locket over all the other nickels she had in the small box.  It just seemed to call to her.  Megan was not even sure when she last wore the locket, or what pictures were inside.  

She took the locket form around her neck and looked at it.  It was a simple heart shape made of brass with small stones set around the center.  The stones made the shape of two horse shoes.  With a smile on her face, Megan slow opened the locket.

All at once the world exploded into bright colors.  A rainbow of light seemed fill the inside of the helicopter, as alarms started to go off all around Megan’s head, and Perry started calling out.  “This is MLP-G1.  Mayday, Mayday, I have been hit by lighting.  Lost most of my controls, I am declaring an emergency!”

The helicopter seemed to spin wildly and the lights were brighter than Megan had ever seen before.  She closed her eyes, and prayed that it would end.  Perry keeps saying the same things over and over.  “I have been hit by lighting.”   Lighting was what started the fire that burn down the old barn.  Lighting was what killed Megan’s pride and joy, the two your colts that T.J. had sired.  Megan cried as she knew this was the end of her life, and she had just added the Mile High Club to her bucket list.  

Then, just as quickly as it had started the helicopter stopped it wild spinning, the bright light that filled the cabin faded away.  Megan looked over to Perry and asked.  “What the hell just happened?” Megan’s heart started to race once more.  “Are we going to crash?”  

Perry said in a very professional voice. “We are going to live.”

After what seem only seconds, the small Bell 47 helicopter landed in a field.  The landing was hard, but both Megan and Perry would live.  They sat in their seats for a few minutes before Megan asked.  “What the hell happen?”    

Perry gave his best explanation. “Best bet, Saint Elmo’s fire, it what the egg-heads call a coronal discharge of plasma, the point is that it plays hell with the electric systems.  We came down on rotor momentum, and by the way, I am not sure where we are that means we are lost.”

Megan checked her own cell phone, and found that the battery was dead.  Returning the phone to her pocket she looked over to her husband.  “So, now what do we do?”  She asked in a sour tone.  

 Knowing full well that he was in deep trouble, Perry had no choice but to tell Megan the truth.  “We are going to have to hike out of here.  I am sorry.”  

Megan turned and gave Perry a slow burning stair.  “Hike out, and leave a million dollar helicopter behind?”

Perry smiled.  “It is a twenty year old, use, bell 47 crop duster, with a burnout electric systems.  No one but me wants this thing, and no one can steal it without a flatbed truck.  The only thing that can happen is a bunch of kids show up and start playing around it.  They can’t break, what is already broken.”

Megan then nodded her head.  “Okay.  What about water?  We could be hiking for miles you know.”

“I keep two gallons of water on board at all times, along with some power bars in the emergency box.  Meg, look, I am sorry I wanted you to have a little fun and take it easy for just one day.”

Megan undid her seat belt and got out of the helicopter.  Part of her wanted to be mad, but this was the only part of the trip that went wrong.  True it was a big part, but Perry could not control the weather that was God job.  And, right now Megan was very mad at God.  All she could do was pace around as Perry got out of the helicopter and unloaded the emergency box.

Megan looked around the landing zone.  The grass seemed greener and the sky was deeper blue.  Then Megan looked at the cloud in the sky, and the strange shape that took.  Then all at once a big bird flew out from one of them.  However the longer Megan studied the bird the less and less it looked like a bird.  It looked more like a cat?  Megan ran back to Perry who was loading the last of the water into canteens.

Megan asked in an excited tone of voice.  “Do you have binoculars?”  Using his nose to point with, Perry said with a nod of his head.  “They are under the crew set, but why?”  Megan just ran off and looked under the right hand side of the helicopter set.  Once she had the binoculars she looked to where the monster should have been, but the clouds were too thick and blocked her view.  Megan exclaimed as lowered the binoculars.  “I think I just was a griffin.”

Capping of the last of the water and closing the canteen, Perry asked.  “Would you like to yell at me now and get it out of your system?”  He walked over to his wife with a one of the canteens and a small bags, filled with food and other camping equipment.  

Megan just looked at him, holding the binoculars.  “You do believe me, right?”  

“Meg, we just had a hard landing, after one hell of a ride, and a lighting strike.  You mind is playing tricks on you.”  Perry lowered his head.  “I sure you saw something, but griffins are not real.  Moreover, if I told you I saw a dragon you say the same thing too me.”

Feeling a little hurt by what Perry said, Megan asked.  “Do you think I’m crazy?”

“I am worried that you may have been hurt, that your brain may have gotten scrambled by what just happened.  I like to check you over before we start hiking.”  Perry replied.  

Megan was a little taken back by what Perry said, but she had seen cowboys get concussions just by riding a bucking horse before.  And, she had to admit that the thought of a head trauma or brain injury did scare the hell out of her.  So, Megan let Perry check her over with what seem like a police sobriety test.  But as Perry explained, a concussion mimics drunkenness so the two tests were very much alike.  Until the last test when Perry just looked deep into Megan’s eye.  Megan look back into her husband’s eyes and with a smile asked.  “What are you checking for?”  

With a grin on his face, Perry said.  “Nothing, I just like looking into your  beautiful eyes.”  Megan gave Perry a playful punch to the shoulder, and laughed at him for his silliness.  Then they once more got lost in each other eyes and kissed.

Once the kiss was broken, Perry asked Megan.  “Witch way do you want to go?”  Megan pointed to the north east.  “Look at those trees over there.  They look like they have been planted in rows.”  Perry looked to where Megan was pointing and saw the trees in question.  Megan then said.  “They look like apple trees to me.  That means an apple farm.”

Perry looked worried.  “It also means we were blown all the way up to Tulsa.  The High-Fence farm is the only apple orchard I know of near our home.”  

Picking up one of the canteens and a food bag, Megan said.  “Well, we are not getting closer to home by standing around.”  With that she started walking towards the apple orchard.  Perry quickly picked up his own canteen and food bag and rushed to catch up.  


Megan screamed as she sat up in her bed.  Perry blinked as he also sat up and put his hand on Megan’s shoulder, he asked.  “Meg, are you alright?”  Looking around the room, Megan’s eye found Perry’s face near her.  At once she put her arms around him and hugged him as tight as she could.  “Oh my, God!”  She sobbed.   “I thought I lost you.”  Perry returned the hug, saying.  “It’s okay.  I’m right here.  It was just a bad dream.”  They held onto each other, as they lay back down in the bed, until sleep once more over took the both of them.

Sun light fill the bedroom as Megan slowly open her eyes.  She could hear the others just outside the house working on the new barn.  In a flash she was up and getting dressed.  Before long Megan was stomping out of her home and making her way to her family.

Perry was the first to see Megan as she made her way to the work sight and he smiled as Megan came near.  “Hi sweetheart, how are you feeling today?”  Perry asked Megan.  However Megan was not in a good mood.  “Why the hell did you let me sleep in like that?  Just because I have one nightmare you think I’m too weak to handle a full work day?”

Perry hung his head down.  “Meg, you been under a lot of stress the past month, I just though a little more rest would do you some good, that all.”

Megan was enraged and she let out a rant.  “Now you get this though your rock you call a brain, Mister.  This is my land and my ranch, not yours.  I pay the bills, I work the land, and I say what needs to be done.”

Molly, the younger sister of the family came to Perry’s defense.  “That right Megan, you run the ranch.  And, that time we ran short of cash, who gave us the money we needed to keep going without having going to the bank? Who has worked day in and day out for free because he married into the family?  Who had been there with open arms and loving heart, not just for you but for me when John was kill, and Lin walked out on Danny?  This rock head has been there for us every step of the way.  He has live up to his part of the ‘in sickness and in health, richer and poorer, and so on and so forth.’ of his wedding vows.  Not just for you but all of us.  He is family thought and thought.   And now you can not forgive him for letting you sleep in for an hour?  What do you want an angle to be your husband?”

With that Megan walked over to an old well that stood between the ranch house and the barn sight.  She looked into the well and started to sob. “I sorry, I am just so worked up. I just don’t know what wrong with me.”


             “What is happening to me?”  Asked Megan as she looked deep into the well.  Her mind recalled a strange saying.  “If someone stares into the void, the void will stare back into them.”   That is what Megan has started to feel like, a void where her emotions use to be.  She had felt this void before, when her mom and dad had die.  When Danny enlisted in the navy.  When John, Molly’s husband did not return from overseas.  And the strange nightmares?  Like all dreams, the details were impossible to remember, but Megan always knew that the nightmares felt like death and place his boney hand inside heart, and had taken something away.  Just like the one last night when death took Perry away from her.  Fear once more washed over Megan eye and tears started to run down her face.

Perry then said.  “Whoever drinks from the water will not die, but have life eternal.”

Megan turn to her husband and asked.  “What did you just say?”  Perry smile and wiped away a few of the tear on his loving wife’s face.  “It something from the Bible.  This woman, in the story, was getting water for the city well and Jesses told her about the living water of God.  She wanted to drink from that well, and Jesses told her about how go about getting a drink.”

Molly walk over to the other side of Megan.  She parked her butt on the side of the old well and crossed her arms.  She asked, “Now what would bring that little sermon to mind?”

Perry smile wide and said  “Hay, two beautiful women standing next to a well, what else but clean and pure thoughts would a man have.”  Molly just rolled her eyes as Megan started to laugh out loud.  

Then Perry took a deep breath.  He try to think of a better way to say what he wanted to say, but could not find one.   So Perry went for say bluntly.  “Megan, I love you.  And, the fire was not your fault.  The wind just knocked the lighting rod off the barn roof, and those thing happen.  No one is in charge of the weather after all.”

Megan hit the top of the well wall with the palm of her hands with each word.  “I-knew-the-rod-was-loose.”  She stop hitting the well wall and turn full front facing Perry.  “I knew the lighting rod was loose and I did not fix it.  So, it is my fault.”  Tear filled Megan’s eyes and her lips tremble with internal pain.  

Perry slow wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her close.  In soft tones he said.  “We had livestock to feed and water, fence to keep up, fields to cut, hay to roll, gardens to keep up.  The list of work to be done is endless.  We are all to blame for not getting around to fixing the loose lighting rod.”

Danny had joined the small group, saying.  “Come on, Meg.  We were all going to fix the lighting rod the next time we had the ladder out to wash the windows and fix barn siding.   It just that storm came up before then.”

Molly then added, as she looked down at her own shoes.  “Meg, you can’t live your life in one day, and you can’t go back and change things.  God I wish we could, but we can’t.  One day at a time girl, that all we can do.”

                 Perry then said. “It’s just the stress of the past month.  Megan, we all been thought a lot and we need to grieve, just a little.”

Danny interjected.  “Hell with grieving, just lay her down and go at her like a mad man.  A good riding is what my sister needs.”



Slinging his own weapon over his back, Perry went over and took the two ponies by their halters and said.  “You two did it again.  Just how are you getting out of the barn?”

          Megan slinging her own weapon over her shoulder and held out her hand to take one of the ponies.  “I know I put them to bed, and locked up the barn.”  Upon Megan taking Lulu the pony from Perry, he said.  “Well, I don’t know how they are doing it, but there are good about getting out.  They are also good at getting into palaces as well.”

Perry grinned as Megan shot him an icy stare.  “We said we would never speak of that again.”  Megan was made to recall the story.  

She had been so mad at her family for not putting Taia and Lulu to bed.  Each morning Megan would wake up and find the two little ponies in the yard or out in a field.  No one seemed to know how the two little ponies were getting out of the barn.  Not her brother, Danny or her sister Molly, even her own husband was sure how Taia and Lulu were breaking out of their stalls. They were at a total lost as to how to bed down two little ponies.  So, Megan told them all that she would have to show them how to do the job the right way.  Megan called them together as a group, acting like a teacher as she had put both Taia and Lulu in their stalls and closed the barn.  Making sure that her family saw how she did each step.   Just to pick on her family, she even went so far as to show them how to close and lock door in the house as well.

The next morning, Megan awake to find Lulu in the bedroom with her and her husband.  Taia was found in the dining room eating a leftover cake off the dining table.  

Megan was sure it was a joke being played on her by the other for being mean about locking up the barn and house.  But, one night when the others were out of the out to a social and Megan was sick with a cold.  The two little ponies somehow made their way back into the bedroom.  Megan got up out of bed and put the two ponies back to bed, making sure they were locked in.  Only to have them both back in her bedroom in about a half an hour.  Megan was sure that the others had not returned to the house, and there no way the ponies were lead back into the house.  Megan was able to keep the story to herself, until the next morning when once again there was no cake to be found on the cake plate.  Taia, the little white pony, had helped herself to more of the leftover cake.

From that day, the two little ponies were always put to bed, but would always be found outside the next morning.

The husband and wife made their way back to the barn with the two runaway ponies.  Megan handed Lulu, a little black pony, back to Perry as she went to open the door.  The big barn door took two hands to move, and Megan had to put all her weight behind force. As she was about to step into the opening of the door to start pushing it open, a flash of white fur went past, knocking her to the ground.  A few roles and Megan looked over to her husband.  Perry was fighting off two wolfs, his knife sinking deep into one of them, it’s back dark fur turning a sickening red, and the white wolf drove its teeth into Perry’s neck.  Megan looked in the dark night for her weapon and could not find it.  Then she heard Perry shout.  “Now!  Do it now!”  From out in the night Megan then heard.  “You are still in the way!”  Another unseen person then said.  “He knows, Twilight.  Thank you, Sir Perry!”  With that the ground open up and the two wolfs sank into the hole along with Perry.  

Megan started to run to her husband, but he shouted as he held onto the fighting wolves.  “Stay back! I was going to hell either way, no saving this lesser soul.  I love you.  Sorry.”  With that there was a bright flash of light.  Perry and the two wolves were gone.